What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Let’s start off by defining what affiliate marketing is exactly: Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.
Generally speaking, affiliate marketing is a pretty simple concept – but exactly how simple? It can be overwhelming if you’re new, and the Internet is full of extremely confusing information (my own experience is as follows).
What you need to do to be successful in affiliate marketing is to find a sound system that will give you the most profits in the shortest possible time.
To find a sound system, you’ll first need to think of a broad theme (obia) that you want to target. Then you need to think of a specific problem (ials) that those people have that need a solution. Finally, you need a product or service that you can promote to the needy.
Once you’ve found the right theme and problem, the next step is to find a product or service to promote as an affiliate.
There are quite a few places to find affiliate products, so let’s focus on a few of the most popular ones – also called merchant alternatives for more popular products.
You can find books on Amazon.com, ActionBooks.com, download.com and many other places to find alternative products for your affiliate marketing.
Once you’ve chosen your books, action steps are the next few steps you need to follow. These are the same steps that you would take if you were promoting a physical product. For example, you would need to build a website to sell your physical product.
However, instead of purchasing hosting and building a site, you can promote affiliate products using book reviews.
To promote your product, you need to write a review in major ad directories (make sure you use major ad directories e.g., Google, Yahoo, MSN, Pages4You), and each directory will publish your review as an article (also called a press release).
The key to writing a great product review is to write from the heart. Your reviews should offer instant solutions to problems and questions primarily targeted at your niche.
For example, if you are targeting the weight loss market, you review several different products from a ” HOW TO” format that shows the benefits of each product.
The secret to a great product review is to offer instant gratification. If possible, you should make the pitch page (the product’s web page) act like a 100% working experience. Adding extensively quality content is the key factor to a successful affiliate marketing review.
Additionally, it helps to make your reviews distinctive and informative as well as entertaining. A slacker product review will not convert as well as a well-thought-out review that includes both the positive and negative aspects of the product.
Finally, in either a review or pitch page format, it is important to drive the right quality traffic to your site. The higher the quality of your traffic, the higher the conversion rate will be.
Precedents. Hunting down every little product and model that has come before you will greatly improve your odds of success. You’ll discover hundreds if not thousands of topics that others have written about to promote their products.
Not only will you learn which products make the most sales, but you’ll also get a feel for which products are destined to be profitable.
“Simply Copy And Paste”
I’m sure you’ve seen banner ads, promotional emails, and websites written by competent affiliate marketers, but have you ever wondered how they do it?
The secret is an email list. These successful affiliates have an email list full of people who have already purchased products in the product or service they are promoting.
They do this because they understand the intimately of how to make extra sales. More importantly, they continue to build their lists each day, rinse and repeat.
More importantly, they use these lists for future follow-up. It is a known fact that it can take seven contacts with a prospect before a purchase is made.
Knowing this, many of the emails or promotional emails never reach their intended recipient because they are categorized as spam.
Remark: It often takes seven or more exposures to a product before your prospect reaches a buying dead end.
That’s why those product launch pre-selling pages are so popular and effective.
You need to separate yourself from the unsuccessful marketers, and THAT is all you have to do to increase your affiliate sales dramatically.
Tracking Your Results
When you conduct your affiliate marketing business, you must keep track of your visitors and sales.
You must keep a digitally signed copy of their email address and or their credit card number.
Additionally, you should keep a separate schedule of activities and tasks that are to be done at regular intervals.

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