Discover The Two Main Ways That Most People Make Money Online

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If you have never made any money online, let me tell you that you are not alone. In fact, if you listen to the wrong advice, you could be losing an enormous amount of money with your online business opportunity.
Why is it that an optioned layman can build a 7-figure income online with little more than a blog and some writing skills?
Why is it that even the most successful internet marketers are still trying to break into the market as you are reading this article?
If you are still struggling to make your first seven-figure income online, here are two important truths that you need to be aware of.
The truth concerning making seven figures online is this:
To be successful in internet marketing, you need to make at least two important things happen:
1) You need to have a business that is funded with a lot of committed cash
2) And you need to create a business that has residual income capturing features
Let’s look at these two truths one more time.
If you are trying to make seven figures online, you will need to have a business that has a lot of committed cash and only has those two important things. Basics do not cost much, usually only a few hundred dollars. For a seven-figure business, you will need at least two hundred dollars. And to make seven figures, you will need to invest at least one thousand dollars.
Those two facts have suggested that if you want to make serious money online, you need to have a very carefully researched plan aimed to make seven figures. Any business plan based on those two facts will involve lots of spending and will most likely involve selling some kind of product.
And that, my friend, is the precise reason why most internet marketers fail. They try to make money online, but they end up making three hundred sixty-five dollars instead. I wonder how they do that? I wonder if they try other systems that don’t work so well, and then they just give up.
Having a business plan is important. It is not important enough. In fact, it is the starting point. It is the foundation of your future. When you are starting out, you cannot be like them. You cannot be what they are if you do not have a plan.
What happens when you sign up for an affiliate opportunity? Do you have a clear idea of what product or service you are going to promote and make money from? Do you even know how much money there is to be made? Do you have the thought that the amount of money needed is less than the amount of money you will earn?
I do not know about you, but our family does not spend thousands of dollars every month on the latest system or software. Yet, some of us are signing up for an affiliate opportunity with little clear understanding of how to make money online and less than a clear understanding of the budget required.
Now, if you are serious about learning how to make money online, if you seriously want to build your own online business beyond the affiliate realm, you need a plan.
Every plan must have these basic principles.
1) layout the numbers. How many sales must you make to reach your goal?2) Be realistic. Is $20 a sale worth your while?3) How much competition will you have?4) Research. Find a niche market that is hungry yet lacks profitable products and services, and make sure that you fill that need with products and services.
That is your basic plan. A good affiliate marketer does not waste his time with matters far beyond their control. At worst, he is honest enough to note that there are certain circumstances that overwhelm sales. At best, he is a genius who builds anticipation by creating a sense of urgency. But whether you succeed or fail, it is because of these factors.
But how do you put a plan together?
You need a form of motivation or competitiveness. In the competitive arena, you must push yourself to perform if it is only you who sets the pace, which pushes the boundaries, who takes the initiative, who decides what has to be done, when and how, you must possess self-motivation to do so.
Okay. I admit that I am talking a bit far these days. Everyone wants to make it big, to have all the money they want. And everyone wants to quit their job. Not everyone is cut out to start their own business. After all, many people try to convince themselves that it is beyond their ability and everyone is already rich; running a successful Internet business should be an easy task.
leads to frustration
Since most of us have personal incomes, and most of the time either be a salary or a business that we run on the Internet, we are often frustrated because of the lack of control over our lives.

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