Affiliate Marketing – 3 Top Reasons Why You Should Do It

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Affiliate marketing is a modern-day gold mine. It is a competitive industry in which many people are making fortunes, and there are also many more who are failing in this highly competitive world of affiliate marketing.
However, you must realize that there are many positives to this business too, and in this article, I will tell you about 3 of the biggest reasons why I think affiliate marketing would be best for you.
But before I do, I should probably clarify that affiliate marketing is being paid for promoting other people’s products, and they are happy to share their revenues with you for helping to sell their products. You are, however, in the rubbish if you think this is a way to scam you big cash. Big Wrong!
How Affiliate Marketing Works
There are a number of ways you get paid for promoting other people’s products, and each method has its positives and negatives.
And the 3 must-do’s for getting paid as an affiliate are:
1. Get a Domain Name
A domain name is a great place to start if you are focusing on promoting other people’s products. You can promote the affiliate product in your domain name, and you will be able to include the affiliate link in your domain name.
The big advantage of this is that for about $10 – $20, you can get your own domain name and the domain name can be changed every time you want to. When you use a name that is highly recognized and popular, the traffic you attract will be more targeted, and you will experience much higher conversions.
2. Start A Blog
The big advantage of blogging is it is super fast to set up. You can literally be posting content this hour if you are prepared to do some hard work. Simply head over to to set up a blog and follow the steps to publishing your content on your blog.
You will find there are various tutorials available on the internet to help you get your blog started just the same way as I have described above.
3. Do some Google Research
While you are a blogger, you should also be doing some Google research. Select keywords from your niche, and check if there is lots of information for this keyword in Google. For example, you might want to write about “car insurance”. This will get you some results in Google. From this information, you can research what words people are using to search for car insurance in your niche. Check out these words and see if you can come up with some ideas for keywords to use to optimize your Google results.
Google is smart enough not to show duplicate content when you are using their keyword tools, so at least make sure your blog posts are not duplicate content. Google ranks a blog based on the keywords used to describe the post and uses this data to rank your blog.
4. Profit!
Once you have chosen your keywords and your blog post, you then need to decide your next step. Simply log into your affiliate accounts and then you will see your Clickbank, pay dotcom, and kolimbo links. Clickbank is the most well-known and the easiest to use.
Once you have chosen your product from ClickBank, you will need to create a hoplink for the product. Clickbank will provide you with the hoplink, and then you simply have to insert this into your blog post. You will need to make sure you are using the affiliate linking code and not some crazy robot code or something that probably looks alien to you.
Once you have identified your product, your next step is to write a highly viral article and have your website link to it.
This is essential because it is through your website link that people will get to click on your web page, and this is what will start the viral effect in your business. If you do it properly and in the right way, you will get an avalanche of website visitors in just a matter of a few days.
5. Further marketing through Review websites.
We’ve already covered this in part. You’ve got to identify a problem that people have, or better yet, create a product or software to solve that problem. Once you have identified a product you want to work with then simply do a Google search and check out the reviews for the product. Once you have found reviews that are mentioning a product you’ve already decided to work with, then write a quality review article on the product. In your review, you can actually talk about the product and its benefits. This will bring in traffic and sales. People will see your review and click through to your website. Traffic is ultimately what brings in sales, so it is crucial that you market your product in a way that you benefit from it.
There are so many different ways to market your website and with this wide range of options you are given, it is easy to become confused and frustrated.

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